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Corporate Event DJ San Diego

Hire San Diego DJ for Corporate Events – DJ Bernard Gonzalez

Whether it is a retreat for executives or an office holiday party, there’s one thing that is sure to bring your team together and break down the barriers that can sometimes exist when people are used to working together rather than socializing together – a great dance party!

The challenge can be getting people who are not as comfortable with one another in a social setting to let down their inhibitions and get on the dancefloor. That’s why you want an experienced professional at the helm. From the best music to the most modern equipment, there’s a huge difference between a professional DJ and some guy playing songs off his smartphone. Corporate event DJ Bernard Gonzalez in San Diego has over 20 years of experience in getting people out of their seats and helping them to have a great evening.

It takes experience to know which genre of music will bring a group together and when to bring the tempo up or down. From a corporate cocktail party to an afterparty following a team building session or a seminar, DJ Bernard Gonzalez can spin the tunes that will help everyone have a great time and forget that they are only used to seeing each other in meetings.

If you are ready to treat your staff to a DJ Bernard Gonzalez show, then call 619-549-6947. From the time the first beat drops until the last employee decides they are going to have to get home and get some rest so they can make it to work on Monday, DJ Bernard Gonzalez will be there to keep the party going.