Why You Should Take A Group Wedding Photo

Group Wedding Photo
I’m starting off my “Tip’s & Tricks” posts with one of my favorites, the group wedding photo. The group wedding photo is an oldie but goodie and in my personal experience can be very effective if it is done at the right time, especially with shy guests.

The group wedding photo is great for two reasons. First, having a picture of you, your spouse and all of your family & friends enjoying one of the most sentimental days of your lives is a treasure you can cherish for years to come. Second, the group wedding photo acts as an informal invitation to start dancing. By strategically placing your family & friends on the dance floor for the group wedding photo, you have positioned them in a perfect location to begin the festivities. As soon as the group wedding photo is taken, we turn down the lights, turn on the dance floor lights, play a familiar song and voila! You have an instant dance party!

Without the group wedding photo getting everyone on the dance floor you might have people mingling at the bar, other people sitting at their seat or talking outside. This is an extremely valuable tip because the group wedding photo is the only interactive moment through out the wedding that calls everyone to the dance floor in one shot. Before you know it everyone is feeding off  each others energy and didn’t realize that group wedding photo was the culprit. It’s that simple!

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